Good Chemistry Nurseries officially became available in select Nevada dispensaries in November of 2016.

All cannabis is not created equal.


Good Chemistry Nursery products reflect the evolution of thousands of years of Cannabis production. We work to preserve the ancient qualities of the Cannabis flower while incorporating the most modernized cultivation, production and curing techniques.

Whether it’s our personally crafted Cannabis flower, our solventless rosin, or any of our exquisite cannabis products, Good Chemistry Nurseries has cultivated a deeply ingrained, company-wide commitment to creating the world’s finest Cannabis and cannabis product. It is our passion and commitment to cultivate and produce the finest cannabis.


At Good Chemistry Nurseries we have a deep commitment and intrinsic belief:
“The Power is in the Flower”.

Our People

To grow the world’s finest cannabis you have to have deep experience and a personal commitment to making the benefits of exceptional cannabis available to the widest possible range of people. Our master growers have been perfecting their art of over 20 years. They combine skill, fascination, a thirst for continual learning and improvement.


Our nursery team works with both their hands and their hearts. We’re botanists, carpenters, mechanics, scientists, musicians, entrepreneurs, fathers, mothers, chemists, cyclists, farmers, lovers, friends, inventors, caregivers and more. Our company was founded with a deep belief that the plants provide us as much as we provide them.

Good Chemistry Nurseries will officially became available in select Nevada dispensaries in November of 2016.

Good Chemistry Nurseries

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The highest quality cannabis in select dispensaries in Nevada.

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