You asked. We listened.

We are happy to announce bundle pricing on concentrates made from the same quality Good Chemistry flower our customers know and love is here to stay, and it got even better.

Good Chemistry offers the largest line-up of premium recreational concentrates. Our menu includes a selection of high quality extracts produced with Good Chemistry flower, from top brands including Chronic Creations, Evolabs, Happy Camper, Oil Stix, and Wonderleaf.

Check out our new bundle pricing on Good Chemistry processed Wax, Shatter, Syringes, Cartridges and Disposables. 

8g Wax $100 • 8g Shatter $100 • 8g Syringes $120 • 8 Units 500mg CO2 Cartridges $160  • 8 Disposable Cartridges $60  • Half-ounce of flower and 4g live resin $155

Better your bundle, mix and match 8g Wax and Shatter for $100.

Recreational only • Not valid with other promotions.

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