Employee Feature: Duncan Cameron, Chief Production Officer

How did you end up working for Good Chemistry?

I was working as a prop stylist and splitting my time between NYC and South Florida. A guy that I worked with was a childhood friend of Matt’s business partner at the time. He (my co-worker) knew my skill set and said I should go out to Colorado to meet with them. I did in late 2009 and started working with Good Chemistry January 2010.

What is your role?

As Chief Production Officer I oversee all tasks associated with plant cultivation, from propagation to harvest, encompassing cloning, plant nutrition, pruning, pest control, growing, harvesting, curing, trimming, packaging, labeling and scheduling of plant cycles. I manage sophisticated lighting, irrigation and ventilation systems, ensuring cultivation of contaminant-free marijuana, consistent with Colorado Department of Agriculture and Marijuana Enforcement Division requirements and Good Manufacturing Practices.

What makes you come to work every day?

I love my job and the people I work with. It’s not every day that you get a chance to work in a new company in a brand new, growing industry.

What has been your favorite project at Good Chemistry?

Our latest cultivation facility. It’s nice to see all of the tweaks, changes and improvements we have made over the years culminate in one project.

Where would you like to see Good Chemistry in the next 5 years?


What are some of the things you like to do outside of work?

When I’m not working I’m either walking the dog, gardening or playing guitar.


Hand Trimmed Cannabis Flower vs. Other Methods

There are many different ways of going about trimming flower, but Good Chemistry Nurseries believes the best way is to hand trim every single bud. It is certainly more time consuming than some of the other methods out there, so why do it? One of the most beneficial reasons for you, the customer, is a proper, tight trim removes unwanted leaf material and excess stem that can add weight to the final cost of the flower. This means that if a dispensary doesn’t hand trim, the flower you purchase might have leaves and stems that need to be removed before you can consume it. But because GC Nurseries is diligent about removing that unwanted and not smokable material, the final weight of the flower you purchase will be just that. Flower.

Flower that is not hand trimmed, but trimmed through one of the other methods, should be easy to point out due to the excess leaf and stem and it might also have obvious cuts in the flower, which can make it look discolored and misshapen. The cuts and slashed in the flower mean the trichomes have been broken or knocked off resulting in less of the psychoactive and or therapeutic content.

Come by Good Chemistry at either location (Aurora or Colfax) to get a close up view of what a hand trimmed flower looks like. Good Chemistry is dedicated to cultivating the best cannabis in Colorado, and that means taking the time to hand trim each and every bud. But the extra time it takes to properly trim the flower does not result in a higher cost for you. At Good Chemistry, every strain is $30 per 1/8th. Every single day. See you soon.


S.T.A.T.S – A Guide to Evaluating the Essential Aspects of Cannabis

Many industries, such as wine, diamonds, and craft beer, have a set of guidelines that help consumers evaluate the quality of what they are about to purchase or consume. Good Chemistry Nurseries has developed a one of a kind evaluation guide for Cannabis. The S.T.A.T.S. (sight, touch, aroma, taste, sensation) method is a five-step process for identifying high quality, remarkable flower, not unlike the multi-step process for evaluating wine. The guide can help consumers evaluate essential aspects of the flower in order to make the most informed and satisfying purchase decisions.

How does it work?

S.T.A.T.S. walks you through each aspect of Cannabis to look for (sight, touch, aroma, taste, sensation). When evaluating flower, use the S.T.A.T.S. guide to help you determine whether or not the flower you are about to purchase or consume is high or low quality. For example, when working through the sight section, it is important to know the visual cues for remarkable cannabis. Aspects of the flower to examine are: trichome content, color, structure, size and trim. Also look for red flags to make sure you aren’t buying flower that has obvious imperfections. Seeing the flower can sometimes be the only evaluation option before purchase.

Is S.T.A.T.S. good for both novice users and aficionado?

The S.T.A.T.S. guide is a great tool for any type of Cannabis user. If you are new to the Cannabis world, S.T.A.T.S. is a great way to ensure you get the best possible Cannabis experience. If you are a self-proclaimed Cannabis aficionado, you can dive deeper into the world you already know and become a true expert on evaluating Cannabis. To really geek out, get the extended S.T.A.T.S. guide at statsguide.org.

Where can I get the S.T.A.T.S. guide?

A hard copy of the guide is available at the Good Chemistry Aurora location and Colfax locations.

You can also find it at statsguide.org.


S.T.A.T.S. – The Power is in the Flower

S.T.A.T.S was created by Good Chemistry and Good Chemistry Nurseries to show people that all Cannabis is not created equal, and is a guide for consumers to evaluate high quality and poor quality Cannabis. At Good Chemistry, we believe “The Power is in the Flower.” Everything comes from the flower, such as butter and oils to make edibles and concentrates. When tasting Cannabis, the most accurate flavor profile comes from flower. Smoking or using a vaporizer to consume flower is the preferred method because it achieves the fullest flavor.

Some tips for getting the best taste out of flower include:

  • Smoke or vaporize flower out of clean paraphernalia to get the most accurate flavor profile
  • Load just enough fresh cured flower in the bowl for one hit
  • The first inhale offers the best chance of tasting the full flavor of the flower
  • Cannabis grinders have become the staple method in the industry to break up flower
    • Ground, or broken up flower will allow air to diffuse evenly when smoked, producing enhanced flavor characteristics
      • Brings out the aroma and flavor of the different strains
      • Prevents wasted flower
      • Provides a more well-balanced, evenly distributed inhale
    • Hold flame to the flower while inhaling just long enough to ignite the bowl
      • For best taste, light with a hemp wick, or a lighter
        • If using matches, allow time for the sulfur to burn off
        • Using a refillable lighter could affect the flavor profile of the flower
      • To enjoy the full flavor, inhale briefly before exhaling
        • Take a small “hit” or draw from the pipe (like with sipping wine)
      • Tap your tongue on the roof of your mouth when exhaling to catch the flavors on your tongue
      • Exhale slowly and completely


For the full version of S.T.A.T.S, visit statsguide.org.


Strain Feature – Durban Poison

Durban Poison is one of the last landrace strains that can be considered easily attainable. Hailing from South Africa, Durban Poison is known for its very energetic and euphoric head buzz. Espresso is to coffee as Durban Poison is to Cannabis.

But don’t just take our word for it. The Cannabist wrote a review on Good Chemistry’s Durban Poison stating that “Durban Poison is definitely an uplifting and mentally-stimulating high with a level of raciness that will have you wanting to clean your house, go on a brewery crawl or just get some shit done. I like to use the Durbs as an all-purpose daytime smoke, whether I’m stuck behind the desk for 12 hours and need ADD relief or as fuel for Sunday Funday at Wash Park.”

Come into either Good Chemistry location and try Durban Poison for yourself. Take a look at the strain menu for Aurora and Denver to make sure we have it in stock.


The Importance of Culture

On a daily basis, Good Chemistry get emails asking if we are hiring for either of our two dispensary locations (Colfax and Aurora). Part of the reasoning behind this is the booming cannabis industry, but another major reasoning behind the employment requests is the culture we have created at Good Chemistry. The importance we have placed on the GC culture is also a major contributor to why we have such a high retention rate of our good employees in an industry with a high employee turnover rate. What makes Good Chemistry’s culture so great? Passion.

Passion for service and product excellence starts from the top and trickles down through the company. The passion that CEO, founder, and cultivator, Matthew Huron, has for this company and the people it serves is what drives the Good Chemistry culture. Matthew’s personal journey in the cannabis industry has given him a passion for helping people, which empowers the gardeners to cultivate the most consistent and highest quality cannabis in Colorado. Because GC has remarkable cannabis at a remarkable price, the dispensary budtenders take pride in the product they are providing to their customers.

The passion Good Chemistry has for making life better for others is obvious the second you walk into the dispensary. Good Chemistry strives to make the cannabis buying experience an easy and unforgettable one for their customers. The proprietary Good Chemistry category system provides customers with a tool to help navigate which sensation they are looking to get through cannabis: amplification, relaxation, relief or sleep. And at Good Chemistry, the flower is priced at $30 per 1/8. Every strain. Every day. It’s simply Good Chemistry.


Westword Best of Denver 2016 – Best Dispensary for a Newb

The Westword’s Best of Denver issue is somewhat of an icon in Denver. Locals use the annual issue to assess what is hot in Denver when it comes to burritos, coffee, breweries, Broncos players, and dispensaries. In this year’s Best of Denver, Good Chemistry won “Best Dispensary for a Newb”.

“Good Chemistry’s welcoming ways are tough to beat. With symbols for words like ‘amplify,’ ‘relax,’ ‘relieve’ and ‘sleep’ next to each strain, the charts provide a more personalized — and detailed — shopping experience.” – Westword’s Best of Denver 2016

We wanted to take a moment to thank all of you who voted for Good Chemistry in this category. It shows us that we are doing exactly what we set out to do: provide consumers with the knowledge to have the best possible Cannabis experience. Our pioneering Category system allows for people, newbs or not, to know what sensation will come out of the strain they chose.

At Good Chemistry, we are committed to being leaders in making life better for people through the growth, production and use of cannabis. When introducing strains to our consumers, it is our mission to ensure our customers are educated about the cannabis flower they are buying and consuming. The Good Chemistry Category System is designed to familiarize consumers on what types of strains to use for desired results.

The key categories of sensations that can come from different flower strains:

  • Amplify: Perception, creativity, pleasure
    • May make you feel euphoric and energized
  • Relax: Unwind, connect, chill
    • May help calm the nerves and alleviate tension
  • Relieve: Discomfort, pain, stress
    • May help to alleviate emotional and physical pain
  • Sleep: Cool down, rest, refresh
    • May make the muscles and body feel heavy (the level of experience may dictate the amount of time it takes to fall asleep) and may bring out feelings of drowsiness

Come in to either the Aurora location or Colfax location to get the full Good Chemistry experience. We have an extensive flower menu, which we offer at $30 per 1/8. Every strain. Every day. Good Chemistry also has an assortment of edibles, our new solvent-less rosin, pre-rolled joints, and a wide range of accessories.

Read the full Westword write up here.


What’s with the iPads at Good Chemistry Aurora?

If you have been into the Good Chemistry Aurora dispensary, then you have seen the iPads in the middle of the room. But what are the iPads for? Because Good Chemistry is passionate about education, the iPads are used to provide their customers with an in depth strain guide to all of the Good Chemistry flower strains. The iPads give you the opportunity to look up the strain you are contemplating purchasing to see not only what category it belongs in (amplify, relax, relieve or sleep) but it will tell you what the flower should taste like, the sensations you can get from each strain and what to expect after consuming it.

If you haven’t been into Good Chemistry, there is no time like the present to come see what we have to offer. $30 per 1/8. Every strain. Every day. Good Chemistry is dedicated to cultivating the most consistent, high-quality cannabis available, including our exclusive strains Ingrid and Mr. Good Chem, and our highly acclaimed Sour Diesel, Blue Dream, OGer, Durban Poison and many others, each of world-class quality. We also have Rosin, Good Chemistry’s exclusive solvent-less hash oil, and an assortment of edibles, pre-rolled joints and concentrates at both locations. See you soon.

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