Employee Feature: Danny Burns, Manager‐ in‐ Training at Good Chemistry Aurora

How did you end up working for Good Chemistry?

How I ended up working for Good Chemistry is a long story that was a long time coming. To summarize; they were looking for quality, hard working and passionate employees, I was looking for a company I could grow with, and voila.

What is your role?

My current role is a manager in training at Good Chemistry Aurora. Being a manager in training allows me to do everything from budtend, to open up the store.

What makes you come to work every day?

The great people I work with, as well as the remarkable cannabis product’s we sell. I have been infatuated with cannabis for the last 15 years, so to be in this environment means everything to me. What has been your favorite project at Good Chemistry? My favorite project at Good Chemistry has to be expanding. We get busier by the day, which means we need more of everything. Being part of something ever growing is extremely exciting for me.

Where would you like to see Good Chemistry in the next five years?

I would love to see the expansion of GC and GC nurseries to be know as the premiere cannabis nurseries with a reputation of producing premium quality products and a known passion for production and operational excellence.

What are some of the things you like to do outside of work?

I really enjoy spending time with loved ones. There is nothing better than spending time with people who truly enjoy spending their time with you. The only thing that tops that for me, is when you are able to travel with these same people out of town. Having people you enjoy doing trivial day to day things with, like play videos games, is that much more gratifying when you are somewhere in an environment unfamiliar to you all. Other than that, furthering my knowledge of this ever changing cannabis industry is on top of my list to do outside of work.

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