Good Chemistry CEO makes Leafbuyer’s 2016 Power List

The men and women on the 2016 Leafbuyer Power List were nominated by peers and professionals in the cannabis industry. These business leaders and entrepreneurs are shaping the fastest-growing, most competitive and potentially the most societal changing industry in the history of Colorado.

Matthew Huron is a Berkeley graduate with an entrepreneurial background and a passion for enabling medical marijuana access to those in need. Matthew Huron’s first meaningful experience with cannabis came in 2000 when both his father and his father’s partner began using the plant to gain relief from severe symptoms of HIV. Witnessing the amazing effects first-hand, Huron became a full believer. Shortly thereafter, Huron opened a small non-profit medical marijuana co-op with his father in the California Bay Area. In 2008 both his father and his father’s partner passed away; Huron retained his fervor for this alternative form of treatment. Due to the lack of regulation in California and progress of legalization in Colorado, Huron decided to move his business to Denver. Now with Good Chemistry’s highly acclaimed nursery program and two thriving dispensary locations, Huron’s plan to help those in need is in full effect. Good Chemistry uses experienced cultivators to produce superior products without pricing tiers. Huron believes this model helps transfer the savings onto the customer without having to sacrifice quality. In five years, Huron expresses his desire to see “the expansion of Good Chemistry and Good Chemistry nurseries” and hopes to be known as “the premier cannabis nursery with a reputation of producing premium quality products and a known passion for production and operational excellence.” If you’re looking for your next excellent read, Huron recommends Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell.

What are some of your favorite things to do in Colorado?

“I enjoy snowboarding, road biking and traveling, and I love visiting other cultures.”

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