Good Chemistry makes 303 Magazine‘s “5 Exciting New or Under-The-Radar Cannabis Products“

One of the dispensaries that has been making serious waves in Denver is Good Chemistry, a hip and visually pleasing little spot in Capitol Hill and Aurora. One of its tastiest strains is Mr. Good Chem, a hybrid they engineered especially for their customers.

It’s no secret that dabbing and other creative ways of smoking extracts are all the rage in Colorado, and that’s why Good Chemistry just created a new strain, Rosin, which is solvent-less hash oil that is separated out using only heat and pressure. That means no butane, propane or CO2. If you are into concentrates and extractions, give this a try. While it gives the same intense high as other hash oil, it is so clean that you can still concentrate and socialize after imbibing instead of getting couch-lock.

read the full article here.

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