October 17, 2019

To our customers,

On October 14th, Bonsai Cultivation, a Denver-based cannabis cultivator announced that it was voluntarily recalling retail cannabis plant material because of the presence of elevated yeast and/or mold counts.

No strains cultivated by Good Chemistry Nurseries were part of this recall, however some of the flower sold through the third-party “Range” line of cannabis strains were grown by Bonsai, and were included in the recent recall. This product had passed all state testing requirements and was approved for sale by the state.

While we are not aware of any reported cases of health issues related to the strains in the Bonsai voluntary recall to date, we take any health concerns seriously. With that in mind we want to provide you information to learn more about the details of the Bonsai recall. Linked here is the official notification from the Denver Department of Public Health & Environment which will provide you access to updated information and details about the recall.

In addition, if you have questions or concerns about recalled marijuana products you are encouraged to contact Bonsai Cultivation directly at: voluntaryrecall@bonsaicultivation.com or contact the Denver Department of Public Health, Public Health Investigations Division at phicomments@denvergov.org or 720-913-1311.

Thank you for your support,

Team G.C.

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