Marijuana Times: Good Chemistry Launches Consumer’s Guide to Cannabis

So you have access to cannabis, now how do you know which one to buy?

Just like a helpful guide at the produce section of your grocery store can tell you which apples are best for baking and how to pick the best melons, one Colorado-based cannabis provider is giving away a free guide to evaluating cannabis. It’s called S.T.A.T.S., which stands for sight, touch, aroma, taste and sensation.

“Just as American consumers have become more knowledgeable about quality wine and craft beer, Good Chemistry Nurseries’ S.T.A.T.S. guide will help consumers quickly and easily assess high quality cannabis,” said Matthew Huron, CEO, Good Chemistry.

It’s a comprehensive guide to learn how to identify a healthy, clean flower that’s right for your symptoms. For instance, Weed 101 dictates that bud with seeds is a big no-no, and most regular users know that bud that’s trimmed too much or too little doesn’t look quite right – but what does ideal trim look like? This S.T.A.T.S. guide has you covered. Read the full story here.

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