NEW REC PRICING: $90 ounces, $25 eighths. Every Day. Always

We don’t believe in the whole idea of “top tier” and “top shelf.” We don’t believe that if you want a cannabis store’s best product you should have to pay inflated prices or settle for lower quality. We don’t believe that the price for a strain should go up just because a store has less of it in stock, and we don’t believe in cheap prices that get you through the door but only get you the cheap stuff.

We do believe that world-class cannabis should be affordable for anyone who wants it. We believe that people should never be offered anything but the best. We believe that every strain of remarkable cannabis should be exactly the same affordable price, every day. Always.

At Good Chemistry Nurseries, these commitments are our passion, and our new pricing says it all. Click here to view our cannabis products and to reserve your order online.


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