To our friends and customers,

Since our founding in Denver over a decade ago, our commitment has been to provide the finest total cannabis experience to the Colorado community. For us that means growing and selling the highest quality flower, producing and rigorously selecting our own and other companies’ concentrates and cartridges, and making all of it available at remarkable prices in beautiful stores staffed with friendly, knowledgeable people.

Access to the highest quality cannabis is at the heart of who we are, and we understand access is not just about where our stores are located, but about prices as well. We’re dedicated to keeping our prices as low as possible for the quality we offer, and historically we have lowered prices more than raised them. However, due to recent product shortages and other changes in the market, the cost of providing the quality of cannabis you expect and deserve from us has significantly increased. While we’ve always worked hard to guarantee that the cost increases we incur are not fully passed on to you, we now have to make further adjustments to some of our flower prices. We’ve been able to maintain our 1/8th ounce pricing and reduce our 1/4 ounce pricing, but have had to make increases in other categories. These changes only affect flower, not concentrates or the many other products we provide.

We take price increases seriously and understand the impact they have on our customers. We want to let you know in advance that the following price adjustments will go into effect on September 6, 2019:



If there is some good news in this for you it’s that even with these changes Good Chemistry pricing for high quality cannabis remains significantly lower than average prices in the market. It is our sincere hope that future conditions allow us to rollback prices we’ve had to increase.

We appreciate your understanding and are incredibly grateful for the chance to serve you now and in the future.

– Team G.C.

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