Cherry Payton


Cherry Payton is an alluring and sought after hybrid known for its amazing appearance and equally pleasing effects. Born from the union of Gary Payton and Cherry Cheesecake, the aroma emanating from Cherry Payton is a delightful fusion of cherry and creamy notes, while its taste offers a refreshing citrusy and earthy experience. Its appearance has a mesmerizing blend of dark and light green, purple buds adorned with rust orange pistils, and covered in a heavy layer of trichomes. When consumed, this strain may offer an invigorating yet calming experience, delivering both energy and relief. Reviews rave about “really frosty buds” and the delightful cherry flavor that earns this strain an A+ rating for bag appeal, taste, and high.

  • THC: 21
  • Class: hybrid
  • Origin: Gary Payton x Cherry Cheesecake

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