Grape Cake


Prepare to indulge in the luxurious sensation of Grape Cake, where each hit offers an incredible taste journey down to the very last exhale. Born from the harmonious union of Grape Stomper, Cherry Pie, and Wedding Cake #4 genetics, this indica strain captivates with its light green buds, highlighted by fiery orange pistils and adorned with a luscious coat of trichomes. Immerse yourself in its sweet and creamy aroma, which sets the stage for a palate-pleasing experience bursting with fruity sweetness. Every inhalation of Grape Cake delivers an unparalleled sensation—a 5-star hitter that consumers often report seamlessly intertwines relief with a subtle surge of energy. From the first draw to the final puff, this masterpiece promises an exquisite and flavorful journey.

  • Class: indica
  • Origin: Grape Stomper x Cherry Pie x Weddinig Cake f4

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