S.T.A.T.S. – The Power is in the Flower

S.T.A.T.S was created by Good Chemistry and Good Chemistry Nurseries to show people that all Cannabis is not created equal, and is a guide for consumers to evaluate high quality and poor quality Cannabis. At Good Chemistry, we believe “The Power is in the Flower.” Everything comes from the flower, such as butter and oils to make edibles and concentrates. When tasting Cannabis, the most accurate flavor profile comes from flower. Smoking or using a vaporizer to consume flower is the preferred method because it achieves the fullest flavor.

Some tips for getting the best taste out of flower include:

  • Smoke or vaporize flower out of clean paraphernalia to get the most accurate flavor profile
  • Load just enough fresh cured flower in the bowl for one hit
  • The first inhale offers the best chance of tasting the full flavor of the flower
  • Cannabis grinders have become the staple method in the industry to break up flower
    • Ground, or broken up flower will allow air to diffuse evenly when smoked, producing enhanced flavor characteristics
      • Brings out the aroma and flavor of the different strains
      • Prevents wasted flower
      • Provides a more well-balanced, evenly distributed inhale
    • Hold flame to the flower while inhaling just long enough to ignite the bowl
      • For best taste, light with a hemp wick, or a lighter
        • If using matches, allow time for the sulfur to burn off
        • Using a refillable lighter could affect the flavor profile of the flower
      • To enjoy the full flavor, inhale briefly before exhaling
        • Take a small “hit” or draw from the pipe (like with sipping wine)
      • Tap your tongue on the roof of your mouth when exhaling to catch the flavors on your tongue
      • Exhale slowly and completely


For the full version of S.T.A.T.S, visit statsguide.org.

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