Same Concentrates, Lower Price!

We are very excited to extend our Inflation Relief Pricing for Good Chemistry sourced concentrates! 


Recreational Specific

GC 500mg Budder Carts $15

GC 500mg CO2 & Distillate Carts $12

GC Green Dot Live Diamonds $20

GC Syringes $16


Medical Specific

GC 500mg Carts $8

GC Syringes $14


Recreational & Medical

GC Rosin $30

GC Live Diamonds $23

GC Live Badder $18

GC Wax/Shatter $12

GC 500mg Cartridges $15

GC 1g Cartridges $28

GC Syringes $20

GC Live Resin Cartridges $25

GC Zoobies Gummies $7.50

GC 4g Live Badder Bucket $55

GC 4g Live Diamond Bucket $70


Bundles (REC & MED)

GC 8g Wax/Shatter Bundle $80

GC 8 Unit Gummie Bundle $40


*While Supplies Last*

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