S.T.A.T.S. – Deciphering Quality Aroma

S.T.A.T.S. – sight, touch, aroma, taste, sensation – is Good Chemistry Nurseries guide to evaluating the aspects of Cannabis. Aroma is one of the more important aspects of the flower because it can not only tell you if the flower is high quality or not, but it can sometimes dictate the taste that comes from each individual flower.

Each flower strain has a different origin, providing each a unique aroma, which can make evaluating aroma difficult. However, distinctions can be made between high and poor quality cannabis through aroma. Here are some things to consider:

  • Most strains will expose their scent immediately just by opening the container
  • Breaking or grinding the flower can bring out the underlying aromas
  • Some aromas that can be expected from quality flower are:
    • Floral
    • Fruit/citrus
    • Diesel fuel/gasoline
    • Skunk
    • Pine
    • Earthy
    • Cheese
    • Sweet
  • Some aromas from poor quality flower include:
    • Mold
    • Hay
    • Must
    • Old socks
    • Old spice cabinet
    • Wet grass
    • No smell

If you haven’t picked up your S.T.A.T.S. Guide yet, stop into Good Chemistry Aurora or Denver and get yours today. Or download the full version of S.T.A.T.S at statsguide.org.

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