A Veterans Day thank you

In honor of Veterans Day, Good Chemistry will be providing a 20% off discount on all products to those who have served in America’s armed forces on Sunday, November 11 and Monday, November 12.

Originally established in 1938, Veterans Day honors those who have served the country during times of war or peace.

Good Chemistry is a proud employer of veterans, and we support those who have served through veterans support projects, and by providing regular discounts for veterans on Good Chemistry products.

If you are Veteran please bring your Military ID or documentation of service to any Good Chemistry location on Sunday and Monday so we can thank you in person.


Good Chem Employee Feature: Aaron Marshall

  • How did you end up working for Good Chemistry?
    • I started shopping with Good Chemistry as a medical patient around 2010-2011. I was working with another dispensary when I heard about the possibility of an Aurora Good Chemistry location. I expressed my interest in working with GC to Steve Spinosa and a short time later I started as a budtender with the opening of GC Aurora.
  • What is your role?
    • I am currently one of the assistant managers at Good Chemistry Aurora.
  • What makes you come to work everyday?
    • What keeps me coming back to work?  First of all is what got me into this industry in the first place, a pay check, No I’m just kidding. My love, passion, and interest in cannabis, as well as my co-workers (I have never worked with a more enjoyable group) make showing up to work very satisfying.
  • What has been your favorite project at Good Chemistry?
    • The opening of Good Chemistry Aurora has been my favorite project that I’ve been a part of in my entire working career so far. I was able to see what the store has become, as well as what it will grow into since we first opened the doors.  It has been a very fulfilling opportunity every step of the way.
  • What are some of the things you like to do outside of work?
    • When I’m not at work I practice Photography, I Longboard, I Camp, and I just like to be outdoors in general, smoking cannabis😉.

Good Chemistry Nurseries – Cloning is Key

Good Chemistry Nurseries’ expert staff has years of education and experience that has allowed them to cultivate the finest, most consistent cannabis is Colorado. Good Chemistry Nurseries’ rigorous cloning and cultivation plan ensures that each plant produces the highest quality flower that is identical to the flower it was cloned from.

Good Chemistry can ensure quality and consistency because of the following:

  • Good Chemistry Nurseries’ rigorous cloning and cultivation plan ensures that each plant produces identical flower to the flower it came from.
  • The gardeners regularly assess the genetics of the plants to determine their quality and consistency throughout. They judge each plant on a variety of categories, and if it doesn’t meet their standards they will not continue growing it.
  • They believe the more you put in, the more you get out. Each employee treats the nursery like it is their own business, which makes the production of the plants personal.
  • They experiment with nutrients and other cutting edge horticulture practices. They have grids dedicated to experimental nutrient levels to determine the best fit for each strain.

Good Chemistry Nurseries has developed two exclusive strains:

Ingrid – Exclusive to Good Chemistry, Ingrid was found in a bag of Big Bud regular seeds brought to the United States from Switzerland. When propagated, there was one plant that stood out from the rest. Look, growth, smell and density of bud set this particular plant apart from all her brothers and sisters. “Ingrid” (which is Austrian slang for marijuana) is a full indica, known for nighttime pain relief and for helping with insomnia. Extreme sedative effects may present themselves within 30 minutes after use.

Mr. Good Chem – With hints or fruit and undertones of perfume, Mr. Good Chem has an undeniable smell. After medicating with this sticky strain, the euphoric sensation may amplify the joy of your activity, as well as relieve any stress that may be holding you back.

Stop by one of the Good Chemistry locations to try out our consistent flower for yourself.


Good Chemistry Supports Best Practices as Cannabis Sustainability Symposium Sponsor

Denver is pioneering the Cannabis industry in ways to lessen the environmental impact of cultivating and selling Cannabis. The initiatives initiated by responsible Cannabis businesses working to decrease their footprint have trickled out through various news stories, but The Cannabis Sustainability Symposium, hosted by the Organic Cannabis Association, held on October 26th, 2016 at the Colorado Convention Center, will ignite the conversation.This one day event will educate attendees on the latest tools, techniques and technologies for efficient and safe Cannabis production.

Covering water & wastewater, solid waste, integrated pest management, community engagement, energy efficiency, cultivation practices and sustainable design, the symposium will bring together leaders from all over the industry to present on the industry’s key environmental challenges. Our very own Meg Collins, Vice President of Public Affairs will moderate the panel on energy, and Good Chemistry Nurseries will have a booth on site to provide attendees with more information. Good Chemistry Nurseries understands the environmental impact of indoor Cannabis cultivation. We look forward to learning from experts in this very field as well as educating other members of the industry on the lengths we go to in an effort to minimize our own environmental footprint.

For more information or to purchase a ticket, visit http://www.cannabissustainability.org/.


LISTEN: Good Chemistry Nurseries Come to Nevada: Flower Power


by Brian Bahouth

The cannabis industry is inextricably grounded in the cannabis plant, and if you were to judge the latest business to enter Nevada’s medical cannabis market by their commitment to the plant, Good Chemistry Nurseries couldn’t be a better company.

About the same time Nevada voters approved a ballot initiative to legalize the adult use of cannabis, Good Chemistry Nurseries CEO and founder Matthew Huron announced the launch of a new Reno production facility that will service medical and eventually adult-use dispensaries throughout the state with distinctive flowers and concentrates.

A quick look at the Good Chemistry website reveals a stunning array of strains in active cultivation.  From an intriguing Columbian Gold ’72 to exclusive strains Mr. Good Chem and Ingrid, Good Chemistry brings a deep plant catalog to Nevada patients, not just in the form of buds, but their concentrates focus on plant purity too, with Cold Water Hash, Dry-sift, and a much anticipated solvent-less rosin.

Good Chemistry Nurseries is deeply rooted in the medical tradition of cannabis cultivation and allegiance to the plant’s ancient attributes, but clearly, as Nevada’s adult-use market opens, and medical licensees are given first access to the general public, these flowers and simple line of purity-focused concentrates will likely drive the same adult-use success Good Chemistry has seen in Colorado.

To find out more about Good Chemistry Nurseries, I spoke with Founder and CEO Matthew Huron and discovered to no surprise that he and his team are focused on, the plant … listen …

Music credit:
Song: Fried Neck Bones And Some Home Fries
Artist: Willie Bobo

Read the full article here.


S.T.A.T.S. – Taste

In past blog posts, we have explored the meaning behind the Sight, Touch and Aroma steps of assessing the quality of Cannabis through Good Chemistry Nurseries’ S.T.A.T.S. program.

Next up, Taste. Taste is an important aspect of quality when it comes to Cannabis. Different flower strains will have unique flavor profiles. Similar to wine tasting, experience is necessary to distinguish between different flavors among the flower strains. Some flavors line up with the strain’s aromas and others might suggest a different profile. Some strains such as Strawberry Cough offer a bolder taste; some such as Blue Dream are smoother.

When tasting Cannabis, consider this:
Much like with any other consumable product, aroma may set up the flavor. In most cases, the smell of your Cannabis product will be directly reflected in its taste.
The taste should be pleasant and enjoyable, never harsh. Poor quality flower will leave a severe, harsh taste in the back of your throat and mouth. The seeds will taste like burnt popcorn.

Some, but by no means all, tastes you should expect from quality cannabis are:

If something does not taste right with your Cannabis, we encourage you to try other strains that may suit your tastebuds more appropriately. Our bodies know quality.

Learn more at STATSGUIDE.ORG


Thank you! Good Chemistry wins “Best Dispensary Cultivation in Denver”


Thank you for all of you who voted for Good Chemistry Nurseries for Westword’s Reader’s Choice – Best Dispensary Cultivation. We strive to cultivate and produce the finest, most consistent Cannabis in Colorado, and we’re grateful for your continued support!

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The Evolution of Cannabis: How did we get to where we are today?

In just a few short years the Cannabis industry has become one of the fastest growing legal industries in the world. We have seen industry leaders rise and politicians acknowledge Cannabis as an economic engine. As the industry emerges from the shadows, the public has quickly become aware of the strength and benefits of Cannabis flower. But what brought us to this point?

Cannabis and hemp have been cultivated, both legally and illegally, worldwide for thousands of years. The first known reference to the flower is in Central and Southern Asia as far back as 4500 BC. Cannabis grew openly in the wild throughout the region, which was known more for its opium at the time. Fast forward a few thousand years and some civilizations slowly began to recognize marijuana’s medical applications. In the beginning, the flower would be utilized as a remedy for rheumatism, gout, malaria, and many more disorders. Throughout time, hemp and, by association, Cannabis were transported around the world in varying vehicles, and because of the strength of the plant’s fibers, its production was even encouraged to be used to make sails, rope and more. Even more mind blowing, its medical value was realized in pharmacies across the world as well, and was even sold openly.

In the the 1900s, Cannabis was villainized through government propaganda and in reports claiming Cannabis was a contributor to violence, insanity and sex crimes. When the “War on Drugs” was launched in the early 1970s, suddenly Cannabis was no longer seen as a medicine or way to improve life. In 1996, while many political movements continued to pursue harsher punishments for Cannabis use, a series of reports concluded marijuana should be decriminalized, leading California to become the first state to officially recognize the plant’s medicinal value by legalizing medical marijuana.

Shortly after its  legalization, Good Chemistry Nurseries Founder & CEO Matthew Huron saw firsthand the symptomatic relief patients experienced from this alternative medical treatment. In 2000, he began growing medical marijuana for AIDS patients throughout the state, founding and operating a nonprofit medical marijuana co-op that became one of the most respected and well-known facilities in San Francisco.

Today, Cannabis is medically legal in 25 states and recreational use has been legalized in 4 states and Washington D.C. Overwhelming evidence has emerged regarding its medical applications, and advocates continue to fight for nationwide descheduling. At Good Chemistry, we are proud to be among the first Cannabis businesses to make its brand known to a legalized market, and we look forward to improving lives everywhere in the years to come.


We’re Happy To Be In The Highlands

Come see us in Denver’s historic LoHi neighborhood at 2563 15th St (near the corner of 15th and Boulder).

“We are honored to be part of the LoHi community and have a presence in one of Denver’s most beautiful and historic neighborhoods,” said Matthew Huron, founder and CEO of Good Chemistry. “Good Chemistry was founded on the four pillars of Science, Access, Dignity and Compassion, and we’re glad to be able to provide greater access to high quality cannabis products to this special community.”

As is true with all Good Chemistry Colorado locations, when visitors first arrive at our LoHi location, they are greeted with Good Chemistry’s pioneering category system that helps customers navigate the world of cannabis across many levels by identifying strains under the Amplify, Relax, Relieve and Sleep categories.

Good Chemistry Nurseries was founded in the spirit of “Making Life Better” for those in need. We believe it’s our responsibility to give back to the community, and support the vulnerable or under served. We plan to continue this commitment on behalf of the Lower Highlands neighborhood.

We’d love to stay in touch with you so we can share product information and Good Chemistry Nurseries news and events. Fill out the form at the bottom of this page to be added to our email list.

We look forward to serving you soon.



What Does “The Power is in the Flower” Really Mean?

“The Power is in the Flower”

You’ve heard us say it,  but what does it actually mean? At Good Chemistry Nurseries, we strongly believe that not all Cannabis is created equal. Genetics may be stocked on shelves across the state, but their full benefits are only realized when they grown with the care and admiration we prioritize at the Good Chemistry Nurseries. If you want to grow exceptional cannabis — of the kind that can truly and consistently meet the hopes and expectations of a wide variety of people to achieve the range of experiences and effects they’re looking and hoping for, you can’t just plant it, give it water, nutrients and light, and expect exceptional results.

power%2fflower-2-1-1Despite what some may believe, Cannabis is not your typical crop. It’s so much more than a simple root, stem and bud. Cannabis is a myriad of components – a mosaic and a pharmacopeia unto itself. The hairs turn to flower, the bud is a collection of thousands of flowers and those collections become their own form. Each bud on a plant has a particular shape that’s unique to its strain and unique to the plant kingdom.

When we claim the power is in the flower, it is simply us recognizing the potential of Cannabis and owning the responsibility to make craft Cannabis a priority and brand norm. The desire to unlock the power within a Cannabis plant has driven Good Chemistry Nurseries to cultivate the highest quality Cannabis in the world. Our master growers have been perfecting the art of growing craft Cannabis for over 20 years. They combine skill, fascination and a thirst for continual learning and improvement to push Good Chemistry into the future of cultivation.


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