Good Chemistry Nurseries – Cloning is Key

Good Chemistry Nurseries’ expert staff has years of education and experience that has allowed them to cultivate the finest, most consistent cannabis is Colorado. Good Chemistry Nurseries’ rigorous cloning and cultivation plan ensures that each plant produces the highest quality flower that is identical to the flower it was cloned from.

Good Chemistry can ensure quality and consistency because of the following:

  • Good Chemistry Nurseries’ rigorous cloning and cultivation plan ensures that each plant produces identical flower to the flower it came from.
  • The gardeners regularly assess the genetics of the plants to determine their quality and consistency throughout. They judge each plant on a variety of categories, and if it doesn’t meet their standards they will not continue growing it.
  • They believe the more you put in, the more you get out. Each employee treats the nursery like it is their own business, which makes the production of the plants personal.
  • They experiment with nutrients and other cutting edge horticulture practices. They have grids dedicated to experimental nutrient levels to determine the best fit for each strain.

Good Chemistry Nurseries has developed two exclusive strains:

Ingrid – Exclusive to Good Chemistry, Ingrid was found in a bag of Big Bud regular seeds brought to the United States from Switzerland. When propagated, there was one plant that stood out from the rest. Look, growth, smell and density of bud set this particular plant apart from all her brothers and sisters. “Ingrid” (which is Austrian slang for marijuana) is a full indica, known for nighttime pain relief and for helping with insomnia. Extreme sedative effects may present themselves within 30 minutes after use.

Mr. Good Chem – With hints or fruit and undertones of perfume, Mr. Good Chem has an undeniable smell. After medicating with this sticky strain, the euphoric sensation may amplify the joy of your activity, as well as relieve any stress that may be holding you back.

Stop by one of the Good Chemistry locations to try out our consistent flower for yourself.


Good Chemistry’s Daily Flower Menu

Good Chemistry Nurseries is dedicated to cultivating the most consistent, high-quality cannabis available, including our exclusive strains Ingrid and Mr. Good Chem, and our highly acclaimed Sour Diesel, Blue Dream, OGer, and Durban Poison, along with many others. And the best part? All of the strains Good Chemistry offers are $30 per 1/8th. That’s right, $30 per 1/8. Every strain. Every day.

The daily flower menu at Good Chemistry is updated depending on the strains available. The menu is always changing due to the flowering schedule of the plants at the nurseries, so if you are looking for a specific strain it is a good idea to check and see what strains are available at each location. But don’t stress if the strain you are looking for isn’t available, the Good Chemistry budtenders are trained to help customers navigate the wide world of cannabis to find a strain that will suit what you are looking for.

Along with our extensive flower menu, Good Chemistry also has an assortment of edibles, our new solvent-less rosin, pre-rolled joints, and a wide range of accessories.

Take a look at our updated flower menus and stop by Good Chemistry for an amazing cannabis experience.

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