Westword Best of Denver 2016 – Best Dispensary for a Newb

The Westword’s Best of Denver issue is somewhat of an icon in Denver. Locals use the annual issue to assess what is hot in Denver when it comes to burritos, coffee, breweries, Broncos players, and dispensaries. In this year’s Best of Denver, Good Chemistry won “Best Dispensary for a Newb”.

“Good Chemistry’s welcoming ways are tough to beat. With symbols for words like ‘amplify,’ ‘relax,’ ‘relieve’ and ‘sleep’ next to each strain, the charts provide a more personalized — and detailed — shopping experience.” – Westword’s Best of Denver 2016

We wanted to take a moment to thank all of you who voted for Good Chemistry in this category. It shows us that we are doing exactly what we set out to do: provide consumers with the knowledge to have the best possible Cannabis experience. Our pioneering Category system allows for people, newbs or not, to know what sensation will come out of the strain they chose.

At Good Chemistry, we are committed to being leaders in making life better for people through the growth, production and use of cannabis. When introducing strains to our consumers, it is our mission to ensure our customers are educated about the cannabis flower they are buying and consuming. The Good Chemistry Category System is designed to familiarize consumers on what types of strains to use for desired results.

The key categories of sensations that can come from different flower strains:

  • Amplify: Perception, creativity, pleasure
    • May make you feel euphoric and energized
  • Relax: Unwind, connect, chill
    • May help calm the nerves and alleviate tension
  • Relieve: Discomfort, pain, stress
    • May help to alleviate emotional and physical pain
  • Sleep: Cool down, rest, refresh
    • May make the muscles and body feel heavy (the level of experience may dictate the amount of time it takes to fall asleep) and may bring out feelings of drowsiness

Come in to either the Aurora location or Colfax location to get the full Good Chemistry experience. We have an extensive flower menu, which we offer at $30 per 1/8. Every strain. Every day. Good Chemistry also has an assortment of edibles, our new solvent-less rosin, pre-rolled joints, and a wide range of accessories.

Read the full Westword write up here.

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